Welfare Centre

Wellbeing is at the heart of who we are, and here at KH8, we have our very own Welfare Centre staffed by our caring, trained nurses. Alongside our wonderful team of nurses, we have our school counselor, who is on hand to listen to and support our students.

The Welfare Centre is easily accessible to all students, and provides First Aid care, referrals to medical professionals where appropriate, annual health checks, and health education for our students.

Located in the boarding houses, the Welfare Centre comprises well-appointed treatment rooms that facilitate patient care and essential medical interventions. These rooms are designed to ensure our students are comfortable and safe while maintaining a clean and sterile environment.

The caring nature of the centre's staff is evident in their compassionate interactions with our students, not only do they care for any medical needs, they also offer emotional support, lend a listening ear, and go the extra mile to alleviate anxiety and stress.