Tuition Fees

Academic Year 2023/24

Nursery 6,500 19,500
Reception 6,500 19,500
Year 1 6,500 19,500
Year 2 7,800 23,400
Year 3 16,000 48,000
Year 4 16,000 48,000
Year 5 18,400 55,200
Year 6 18,400 55,200
Year 7 23,833 71,500
Year 8 23,833 71,500
Year 9 23,833 71,500
Year 10 25,666 77,000
Year 11 25,666 77,000
Year 12 29,333 88,000
Year 13 29,333 88,000

Boarding Fees

Academic Year 2023/24

Weekly (Monday to Friday) 12,677 38,000
Full 14,000 42,000

Deposits & Other Charges

Academic Year 2023/24

Application Fee (one-time) All applicants 1,000
Acceptance Fee (one-time) EYFS - Years 6
Years 7 - 13
International Administration Fee (first year) International applicants only 1,800
International Administration Fee (every subsequent year) International applicants only 800
Refundable Deposit (to be progressively topped up as and when required) All applicants Equivalent of one term's fees
Service Fee (annual) All applicants 4,000

Sibling Discounts

Academic Year 2023/24

Sibling Discounts (Terms and Conditions apply) Discount on Tuition Fees for siblings of first child 2nd child - 5%
3rd child - 8%


Application Fees

Application for admission to KH8 will only be processed if accompanied by an Application Fee. The Application Fee is not transferable and non-refundable.


An offer of a place for your child at the school is accepted by yout submitting the duly completed acceptance form and paying the acceptance fee*, tuition fee, refundable deposit, service fee, boarding fee (if applicable) that are stipulated in the Letter of Offer/ invoice within the specified time frame.

International Administration Fee

This fee must be paid before the school will proceed with the student visa application for a child. The International Administration Fee* covers the costs of processing a study approval with the Malaysian Ministry of Education, and a student pass application with the Immigration Department of Malaysia. * These fees are not transferable and non-refundable.

Refundable Deposit

A refundable Deposit equivalent to one term's tuition fee is payable at the start of the first term on joining the school. The amount of this deposit will directly correlate to the tuition fee for the respective term of entry. This fee is refundable if a full term's advance notice of withdrawal is given. For instance, if a student wishes to leave at the end of Term 3 of 2022/2023, he/she must have submitted the notice of withdrawal before or on the last day of Term 2 of 2022/2023.

There are 3 (three) terms per academic year.
Fee and Deposit may be subject to change without prior notice

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